Emirates Extrusion offers a wide variety of standard as well as commercial profiles: Standard profiles such as:

  • Technical Support
  • Angles
  • Channels
  • Tee Sections
  • Round Tubes
  • Squares
  • Boxes
  • Flat Bars

Sliding and hinged profiles for doors and windows Lighting profiles Curtain walls Handrails and balustrades Kitchen cabinets Paneling and louvers Special profiles for tents, decorative, sun breaker, air conditioning, signboards, footsteps, door handles, boats, etc.

We produce extrusions for a wide range of customers and product applications within tight tolerances where strength, shape and dimensions are tightly checked and strictly controlled.

Our products are commonly used in residential and commercial doors and window manufacturing and other aluminum applications.

Emirates Extrusion products are simply an example of the types of applications that our high quality aluminum extrusions are currently used for. We supply to a wide range of clients who seek the best quality extrusions, good lead times and competitive prices.

If you have a project requiring aluminum extrusion in volume, please contact us to obtain a free written quotation and to discuss your specific product needs.

Emirates Extrusion caters to demands for aluminum profiles in construction and architectural applications. Inspired by the continuous improvement of its competence, reliability and competitiveness, Emirates Extrusion provides products primarily based on European standards and the local environment condition. Products studied and developed by Emirates Extrusion include systems for doors, windows, structural glazing, curtain wall, handrail and partition.

Innovation System

Our Innovation System is the new answer to the structural glazing and traditional curtain walling systems. The high flexibility of the system offers a vast scale of applications from a single window to skylight, from walling façade to the structural or cladding walling.

Paragon System

Our Paragon System is a complete redesign of the shape of the sections compared to the traditional concepts. The aerodynamic dynamic reaction of the new shape to wind load is able to get high moment of inertia though containing weight. Like traditional, same performance at lesser weight could be expected thus resulting to metal saving. Available in two varieties, PARAGON SLIDING and PARAGON HINGED systems

Alpha Partition System

Our Alpha Partition System is developed to ease interior design problem in making wall partition. It offers trouble-free modification, fast assembly technique, rapid build-up method as well as integration of extra panel. This system is suitable for different kinds of panel like plywood, aluminum composite panel, and gypsum board, single or double glass, rock wall insulation and fire retardant material. It is generally appropriate in various establishments like office, school, airport, showrooms, etc.

Beta Handrail System

Our Handrail Beta System is designed to ease the traditional method of assembling handrails using conventional aluminum profiles. This system offers excellent results, no visible screws or angle bracket and flexibility for accessories assembly. The handrail beta is an easy-to-install system. It offers a distinctive style by using round hollow sections instead of the conventional handrail profiles. This concept devised with special accessories to form tailor made handrail system is appreciated for its novelty and fashion.

Flexible System

Emirates Extrusion is providing a wide range of thermal broken profiles suitable for many applications. Thermal break system is a solution to energy saving and quality of life improving. With our Flexible System and its specifications for building structure, it saves energy, sustains comfort temperature, eliminates wet condensation, less sound transmission, and efficient dust barrier. The system’s main advantages include reduction of up to 30% cost in energy cost on heating and air cooling conditions, condensation and noise reduction in addition to its aesthetic feature. Available in two varieties, FLEXIBLE SLIDING and FLEXIBLE HINGED systems.