In 2001, Emirates Extrusion integrates the concept of Thermal Break System in its in-house production. The design of the system has been carefully studied to fit with common accessories in the market, which can be easily machined using ordinary equipment in the workshop. A thermal break is an element of low thermal conductivity placed in an assembly to reduce or prevent the flow of thermal energy between conductive materials.

The thermal broken system consists of two independent profiles with similar or unlike shapes connected by “polyamide” strips in order to obtain one monolithic profile having low UV factor and low transmission sound.

This will minimize heat transfer between the interior and exterior of doors and windows, which will improve the energy saving better than traditional systems. Our in-house thermal broken profiles assembling process is done by four single operations: knurling, strip feeding, crimping and testing. The assembling process guarantees tensile, bending, twisting, and slipping strength of the monolithic thermal broken profile. Recently, new line was installed which has increased the capacity to 2,400 tons per year.

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